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Quick & Easy Centerpieces

Quick & Easy Centerpieces

Roses and Cranberries: Get a clear glass vase with a mouth wider than the base. Fill it halfway with water. Add fresh cranberries. Add a large bouquet of flowers that are all one complimentary color such as white roses.

Amaryllis and Ornaments: Plant a flowering amaryllis in an attractive pot. Place
Spanish moss or small round glass ornaments (silver or gold) around the exposed bulb. Surround the pot with small gift boxes wrapped in color matching paper and ribbon. This is very attractive in a grouping of 2 or 3.

Color on Color: How about a white water pitcher and white roses, or red on red? Try your own combination.

Wreaths and Pillars: Place an attractive wreath on the table and place a large,
wide pillar candle in the middle. (Be sure to place a plate under the candle.)

Tiered gifts: Use a three tiered plate as your decoration. Instead of cookies and sandwiches, place small wrapped gift boxes and/or glass ornaments on it. Consider also a gold or silver fruit shaped candle or two on the top plate.

Potpourri Plate: Get an attractive large shallow plate or bowl. Place a wide pillar candle in the middle and surround with a great smelling potpourri that has large pieces of cinnamon stick, dried fruit, seed pods, berries, etc for visual interest.

Candle Plate: Or how about an attractive shallow plate, bowl or tray. Place in it 3 novelty shaped candles such as ornaments, Christmas trees, fruit, etc. Surround with some small pine cones of various sizes or greenery.

Fill It Up: Take a clear glass footed bowl, hurricane lamp style cander holder or large apothecary jar. Fill it with ornaments (either complementing colors or just one color). Or you could fill it with gold or silver painted nuts, pinecones or fake fruit. Tie a coordinating bow
to the stem of bowl or around bottom of candle holder.

Unmatched Stemware: An unmatched cluster of second hand stemware of
different heights, etc, with votive candles or some with floating candles, some with floating flowers. Add a bit of ribbon tied around the stems or surround with some greenery. Look for stemware in thrift or discount stores or flea markets.

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