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Rose Flower Pot Centerpiece

Plus a Flower Pot Centerpiece idea for every season…

Rose Flower Pot

8” Clay Flower Pot with Saucer
2 bricks of florist foam (soaked overnight in water)
16” circle of cellophane
1 package of Spanish moss
Twenty Large Roses (keep stems in water)
4 Large Hydrangea Blooms (keep stems in water)

Large leafed Greenery to use as filler (keep stems in water) Place cellophane circle in flower pot. Cut one florist foam brick in half & place in bottom of pot. Place other brick on top, wedge into place if necessary. Top brick will show about 1/2” above pot. Cut remaining ½ brick in ½ again and fill in on sides of top brick. Cut 5 rose stems to desired length (8”-10”). Push a rose into the top center of foam and on the sides at the four points of the compass. These will be your guides. (You’ll want the final measurements of the arrangement to be approximately 14” high by 14” wide. Keep that in mind as you cut stems and push in flowers.) Place Hydrangeas where you want them in arrangement, then fill in with roses. Any remaining spaces may be filled in with the leaf greenery. Place pot on saucer and fill saucer with Spanish moss. Keep well watered and in a cool place (like a refrigerator) until ready for use.

Hydrangea Tip: Split stem in half up to flower head to soak up water better.

Other Flower Pot Ideas

Christmas: Evergreens, white spider chrysanthemums and candy canes taped to sticks with florist tape. Sprinkle with iridescent glitter.

Spring: Lots of Lilacs and Camellia leaves. Pack the pot and let them cascade down. Be sure to split the lilac stems to help with water absorbtion.

Autumn: Fall colored chrysanthemums, small apples pushed onto sticks, some greenery and fall colored leaves.

Simple: A purchased potted plant and Spanish moss to hide the plastic pot.

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