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Simple Moss Covered Topiary

Simple Moss Covered Topiary
An easy, make ahead table decoration!

Clay flower pot
Fairly straight stick, 1/2″-1″ thick
Styrofoam ball/cone a little larger than your pot
Spray glue from craft store
Spanish moss
Plaster-a-paris, sand or gravel

Spread out newspaper. Spray glue generously on styrofoam and press moss on glue a section at a time until form is covered. Be sure to leave a small spot uncovered for the stick. Let dry several hours. Determine length of stick needed and cut to desired length. Push stick into covered styrofoam. Prepare pot using plaster-a-paris, sand or gravel. (Be sure to cover hole in bottom of pot with something like cardboard or heavy duty tape first. If using plaster, work quickly.) Push stick into prepared pot. Cover plaster, sand or gravel with more Spanish moss.

Tip: This is an especially attractive centerpiece when grouped with other topiaries of different sizes and heights. You could also change the covering from Spanish moss to over lapping silk leaves or petals.

Bows, birds or small nests can also add interest.

As a bonus, you can send these centerpieces home with guests, use as raffle prizes or use again!

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