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Good Neighbor Tea

A Good Neighbor Tea
How often do we get to know our neighbors? Here’s a great way to meet!

Invite your neighbors to tea and be sure to include anyone who is new. Ask them to bring something to share. Here are some suggestions: a great recipe, a decorating idea, cleaning or gardening tip, a memory to share, something to show from the last place they lived, seeds from their garden, a recommendation for a good hairstylist, orthodontist, etc, or…? You get the idea!

Be sure to start off with introductions and get to the tea pretty quickly. There’s nothing like sharing food to make you feel more comfortable. Share what you’ve brought while you’re around the table. And enjoy each other!

Tip: Don’t go all out to impress. The idea is to make your guests feel comfortable. And they will, if you’re comfortable with yourself.

Centerpiece Idea:
Something simple…A bouquet of flowers in a pretty pitcher, a basket of fruit, a shallow bowl with a low pillar candle in the middle surrounded by potpourri…or use something from our Quick & Easy centerpiece ideas.

Hostess Gift Idea:
A small package of homemade cookies with the recipe, a small potted plant, a tree seedling or a seed packet of flowers/herbs and a card with emergency phone numbers for your city and your phone number attached.

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