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Quilter’s Tea

Quilter’s Tea
Inspired by Quilting Bees where great relationships are made…one stitch at a time!

Invite a group of ladies together. Maybe you have something in common such as a hobby or a volunteer organization. Great relationships require some work, so here’s where they can help you. Ask them to bring some favorite small thing from their home for the centerpiece (hopefully they will bring an interesting knick-knack which they take back home of course) and to complete one of the following phrases: My best childhood memory is…, My most embarrassing moment was…, One of my favorite quotes is…,The subject I loved most in school was…, You’d be surprised to know…, You’d never guess it, but I am really good at… Have them share their phrases around the table along with the good conversation that follows.

Centerpiece Idea:
Cover your table with a quilt. Get a sewing basket and place a flowering potted plant in it (be sure to protect the inside of the basket with plastic or cellophane). Use Spanish moss to hide the plant pot. Trail a measuring tape or two out of the basket and scatter a small assortment of buttons on the table. Place your guests knick-knacks in various positions in this centerpiece, ie: peeking out of the basket or plant, etc. (Or ask your guests to place them as they come in.)

Hostess Gift Ideas:
A collectible thimble, a bag of novelty buttons, a candle, a small potted plant, a homemade treat or something reflecting the interests of the group you have invited.

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