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A Springtime Tea Table: Birds of a Feather by Angie Brown, Tea Time Magazine

Tea Time Magazine is one of our favorite resources for tea inspiration. Along with their large and loyal following, we expect you’ll agree!

With Springtime in our thoughts, please allow us to direct your attention to Tea Time’s article for a bird themed tea table. It includes slideshows showcasing three different ways to decorate: Classically Elegant, Playfully Childlike and Casually Refined.

Birds of a Feather by Angie Brown

Birds of a Feather by Angie Brown.

If you don’t subscribe to Tea Time Magazine, we highly recommend it for interesting articles, delicious recipes, inspiration and lots of extras! You can subscribe, give a gift subscription (a great tea gift that keeps on giving) or receive the Tea Time Newsletter at TeaTimeMagazine.com.

Our Tip: If you can afford a subscription to Tea Time Magazine, it is well worth the money as a resource that you’ll continually reference and share. Otherwise, get the Newsletter and check out the website! They’re free and the website has many wonderful resources like these recipes for Salmon Mousse Tea Sandwiches and Apple-Pomegranate Gellies.

Apple-Pomegranate Gellies shown with Pear-Walnut Gellies

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A Little Lace, A Little Linen

Whether an impromptu kitchen tea or a fancy sit down affair, nothing brightens up the table like a little lace or linen!  It transforms the table and signals to your guests that it’s time to take a breather…be comfortable…put a napkin in your lap…savor your conversation…really enjoy the delights of the hour.

Here are some ideas for easily adding a lace and linen touch:

– Tea in the Living Room (comfy couch and chairs):  Throw a small tablecloth or table runner on the coffee table to transform it.  

– Tea in the Kitchen: Put a tea cozy on the pot, a crocheted lace doily in the center and use cloth napkins.

– Tea in the Dining Room: Fancy tablecloths are always lovely, but you can also make a little go a long way with lace. On a solid color tablecloth, use a lace table runner down the center. Another idea is to lay paper or crocheted lace doilies in an overlapping pattern down the center as a lace table runner. These can be all the same size or different sizes and shapes. Large lace doilies also make for lovely placemats.

– Tea in the Garden: Try a one color theme  such as all white. Layer one or more white table cloths of different lengths, patterns or cloth types. Or introduce one pastel or vivid color layered between a white or cream tablecloth & table topper.

– Tea al Fresco (outdoors): Use a quilt either on an outdoor table or as a picnic blanket and add cloth napkins. If you’re so inclined and setting a table, a  lace or linen table topper or tablerunner would look nice layered over the quilt.

– Other Lace & Linen Ideas:

Wrap a pretty tea towel around your teapot instead of a tea cozy.

Use a bun warmer for your scones or warm savories. 

Use a large lace pillow sham as a table topper.

Try a patterned table cloth with a lace or solid colored topper.

Make layers of table cloths with complimentary colored patterns and sizes such as a floral print, then strips or checks and lace on top.

Whatever you do, you’ll be setting the stage for a lovely party!

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Paper Doilies: The Decorating Wonder!

Party Decorating on the Cheap
Need a cheap, versatile decorating idea? Two words: Paper Doilies!

We had an epiphany shopping at the local Walmart, which judging from the information already on the internet was late in coming! We needed doilies for store use and purchased a 24 pack of round paper doilies in three size (12″, 8″ & 6″) by Wilton for $2.00.  Such a deal! That’s when we realized the awesome, cheap decorating power of the paper doily.

Think about it. Need to decorate a cake? Paper doilies and powdered sugar. Decorate a table? Paper doilies. Place cards? Doilies. Invitations? Doilies!

So, with a doily in hand for inspiration, here is a list of basic ideas as a springboard for your imagination and some links to ideas from other creative people. Please share your great ideas as well. If you’ve got a Walmart nearby, go for the Wilton Cakes display. I’ll bet you find paper doilies…the decorating wonder!

If you can’t find paper doilies, here are some online resources:  from Create For Less – 32 Assorted Round White Doilies for $1.94, from Kids Crafts Plus – 96 Assorted Round White Doilies for $7.45, from Sur La Table – 48 Assorted Square White Doilies for $9.95. We also noticed some good deals on Ebay and Etsy searching under Paper Doilies.

Paper Doily Ideas:

1.  Decorate a cake with doilies.  Lay a doily or doilies in  a pattern on top of a dark cake such as chocolate,  gingerbread or even brownies. Sift with powdered sugar and carefully lift doilies. For the prettiest look, be sure to use a doily that does not have a solid circle of paper in the middle.

2.   Use large doilies as place mats under table settings. This is most effective on a colored tablecloth.

3.   Dress up serving plates/trays with doilies or set off a special dessert with a doily.

4.   Arrange different sized doilies on a colored tablecloth and cover with sheer fabric or tulle netting.

5.   Take the same idea as above but make a doily table runner.

6.   Use a doily as an invitation.

7.   Dress up a paper napkin by folding it inside a doily. My thought here is to fold a square napkin in half lengthwise and fold a round doily in half. Then place the now rectangular napkin in the now half-round doily and give it all a good crease.

8.   Use 4″ round doilies as place cards at each table setting.

9.   Decorate small favor boxes with small doilies.

10. Make a luminary table decoration with white paper bags, candles, sand, paper doilies, glue and scissors. While your bag is still folded up, scallop the top edges with a scissor. Glue doilies on the inside of your bags making sure to glue all edges to the bag. When dry, add 1-2 inches of sand and votive candles or battery operated votive candles. Remember the safety of your guests: never leave a burning candle unattended.

11. Make a Paper Lace Garland – a charming idea from Project Wedding!

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Pressed Flower Plates

Pressed Flower Plates
Here’s a simple, cheerful decorating idea with endless variations!

Clear glass plates (2 of same size each place setting)
Flat open-faced flowers (try pansies, violas, violets, impatiens or vinca)
Additional decorations, if desired: leaves, rose petals, ribbons, pictures…anything flat

1. Arrange your decorations on a plate. Put flowers close together for a field of color, or
further apart to better appreciate the beauty of each bloom.

2. Place a second plate on top of first plate.

3. Use “sandwiched” plates at each place setting on your table.

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Flowering Pumpkins

Flowering Pumpkins
An impressive make-ahead centerpiece…

A small pumpkin
6″ potted autumn flower
Spanish Moss
A small, shallow basket

Cut hole in top of pumpkin large enough to fit potted flower. Clean out pumpkin and
place potted flower inside. Fill in with Spanish Moss around the flower. Put pumpkin in basket with lid of pumpkin resting against the arrangement if desired. Make this centerpiece the day before your event and keep refrigerated if warm outside. Don’t forget to water the flowers.

Tip: Try adding some miniature pumpkins, squash, gourds or Indian corn plus some greenery or fall leaves arranged around the basket.

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Candles and Autumn Leaves Centerpiece

Candles and Autumn Leaves Centerpiece
Simple and Inexpensive!

Non-matching Candlesticks of varying heights
Candles to fit color scheme
Fall color leaves

Arrange candlesticks in center of table with candles.
Scatter fall leaves at base around and among candlesticks.
Add some nuts, acorns or fall berries if desired.

Other ideas:

Spring/Summer: Scatter rose petals around candlesticks.

Christmas/Winter: Arrange evergreens and gold painted
pinecones or fruit around candlesticks.

Tips: Try Glass or Crystal candelsticks.
Don’t leave candles burning unattended.

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Simple Moss Covered Topiary

Simple Moss Covered Topiary
An easy, make ahead table decoration!

Clay flower pot
Fairly straight stick, 1/2″-1″ thick
Styrofoam ball/cone a little larger than your pot
Spray glue from craft store
Spanish moss
Plaster-a-paris, sand or gravel

Spread out newspaper. Spray glue generously on styrofoam and press moss on glue a section at a time until form is covered. Be sure to leave a small spot uncovered for the stick. Let dry several hours. Determine length of stick needed and cut to desired length. Push stick into covered styrofoam. Prepare pot using plaster-a-paris, sand or gravel. (Be sure to cover hole in bottom of pot with something like cardboard or heavy duty tape first. If using plaster, work quickly.) Push stick into prepared pot. Cover plaster, sand or gravel with more Spanish moss.

Tip: This is an especially attractive centerpiece when grouped with other topiaries of different sizes and heights. You could also change the covering from Spanish moss to over lapping silk leaves or petals.

Bows, birds or small nests can also add interest.

As a bonus, you can send these centerpieces home with guests, use as raffle prizes or use again!

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Rose Flower Pot Centerpiece

Plus a Flower Pot Centerpiece idea for every season…

Rose Flower Pot

8” Clay Flower Pot with Saucer
2 bricks of florist foam (soaked overnight in water)
16” circle of cellophane
1 package of Spanish moss
Twenty Large Roses (keep stems in water)
4 Large Hydrangea Blooms (keep stems in water)

Large leafed Greenery to use as filler (keep stems in water) Place cellophane circle in flower pot. Cut one florist foam brick in half & place in bottom of pot. Place other brick on top, wedge into place if necessary. Top brick will show about 1/2” above pot. Cut remaining ½ brick in ½ again and fill in on sides of top brick. Cut 5 rose stems to desired length (8”-10”). Push a rose into the top center of foam and on the sides at the four points of the compass. These will be your guides. (You’ll want the final measurements of the arrangement to be approximately 14” high by 14” wide. Keep that in mind as you cut stems and push in flowers.) Place Hydrangeas where you want them in arrangement, then fill in with roses. Any remaining spaces may be filled in with the leaf greenery. Place pot on saucer and fill saucer with Spanish moss. Keep well watered and in a cool place (like a refrigerator) until ready for use.

Hydrangea Tip: Split stem in half up to flower head to soak up water better.

Other Flower Pot Ideas

Christmas: Evergreens, white spider chrysanthemums and candy canes taped to sticks with florist tape. Sprinkle with iridescent glitter.

Spring: Lots of Lilacs and Camellia leaves. Pack the pot and let them cascade down. Be sure to split the lilac stems to help with water absorbtion.

Autumn: Fall colored chrysanthemums, small apples pushed onto sticks, some greenery and fall colored leaves.

Simple: A purchased potted plant and Spanish moss to hide the plastic pot.

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