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Glowing Luminaries

Glowing Luminaries

White paper bags (different sizes)
Votive Candles
Small sharp nail
Iridescent glitter

Draw a simple “dotted” design on the folded bags such as a snowflake. Use the nail to poke holes through the folded bag at each of the “dots” so that design is created on both sides. Carefully open and fill with 1-2″ of sand. Fold down the top of bags a few times to help keep it open. Place a votive candle in center of sand in each bag. Arrange large and small bags at different angles in center of table. Sprinkle table with iridescent glitter.

Tip: Use a long fireplace match to light the votives so as not to burn your hand.

Be careful whenever you use lit candles in paper bags.

Don’t leave candles burning unattended.

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