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V101: Recipes for Style – Sun Tea :: CeciStyle :: Ceci New York

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Recipes for Style: Sun Tea by LuWanna Johnson

Here’s how to make Sun Tea – even in NYC! Includes Sun Tea recipe and Simple Syrup recipe.

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Lemonade Tea aka The Arnold Palmer

Lemonade Tea

When suffering through the hot days of Summer, nothing is more refreshing to me than an icy glass of Lemonade Tea, also known as the Arnold Palmer. It’s easy to make and I’ve never known a tea drinker who turned down a glass.

Some serve this tea drink already mixed in a 50/50 proportion like the recipe below. Others bring separate pitchers of lemonade and tea to the table, then let their guests create their own mix according to preference. Either way, it’s a winning drink!

Lemonade Tea                                                           Makes 2 quarts.

4 cups prepared lemonade

4 cups prepared strong black tea

Lemon slices or wedges

Fresh mint leaves, optional

1. In a large pitcher, pour tea into lemonade and refrigerate until ready to serve.

2. When serving, pour over ice and garnish with lemon slices and mint leaves.

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