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Introducing Karen Bell Watercolors

Tea and Roses by Karen Bell

A few weeks back, we reintroduced the internationally acclaimed art of Marty Bell. We’d now like to introduce nationally acclaimed watercolor artist, Karen Bell.

Karen, a California native, finds unique inspiration in the mystery and beauty nature, flowers in particular. Her natural eye for dramatic contrast in light and shadow combined with the soft translucence of watercolor, make her subjects appear to bloom off the page in bold, vivid hues.

Irresistible by Karen Bell

This exciting artist has honed her skills under many watercolor masters. She credits two classic masters as important sources of inspiration: Claude Monet for his use of light and Georgia O’Keeffe for her dramatic use of color and subject. The influence of these masters is especially effective in her still life subjects.

Her extraordinary paintings are displayed in many fine galleries and personal collections. We recommend to you the dramatic and beautiful art of Karen Bell: a masterful watercolorist!

Morning Light by Karen Bell

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