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Bookworm Tea Party

A Bookworm Tea Party
For your book club or bookish friends!

This tea party offers a delightful few hours with good friends, hearty food and great books which your guests bring! Imagine the conversation as each guest shares a little about their book. Find a creative way to exchange your books such as pulling them from a box, exchanging with the person across from you or a variation on the Christmas gift exchange game. Before you leave, plan another tea party to return the books and share your reading adventures!

Make or purchase invitations that look like books or are book themed. Ask your guests to bring a favorite book to temporarily exchange. Include a purchased or handmade bookplate for their convenience with instructions to complete &  paste it in their book before arriving. The bookplate is a thoughtful way to ensure that your guest’s books eventually are returned.

Indoor decorations:
Set an informal, comfortable tea table with big mugs instead of tea cups, cushions on the chairs, and placemats or tablerunners.  Roll forks, spoons & knives in napkins and tie off with raffia or ribbon. To your napkin scrolls, attach a quote from a famous person on reading, books or tea.

Keep your centerpiece simple: a bowl of apples with greenery, a flowering potted plant, old books or your guest’s books artfully stacked.

Give a purchased or hand made bookmark.  Click here for several bookmark ideas.

Traditional English Lunch Menu:

Pair a simple green salad with one or two of the following entrees:

Heinz Baked Beans on Toast
Fish n’ Chips
Toad in the Hole
Shepherds Pie
Cornish Pasties

Serve one of the following for dessert:

Fresh Fruit
Brown Sugar Shortbread Cookies
Gingerbread Cake & Lemon Sauce

Serve a good all day tea such as English Breakfast with milk and sugar.

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Red Hat Themed Tea Party

A Red Hat Themed Tea Party
Based on the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph

This silly tea party is based on the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph. You may recognize it better as the poem “When I am an Old Woman”, the calligraphy version copyrighted by Elizabeth Lucas*. Consider this idea for a tea party with your Red Hat Society Chapter or as a fun way to initiate new members. Let it be a “jumping off” place for your own imagination and creativity!

Make out your invitation on long rectangular sheets of paper. Wrap them up like a scroll around something silly such as a kazoo, a small pickling cucumber, or a funny pen/pencil. Tie closed with a red or purple ribbon. Hand-deliver or send in a small mailing tube. (Don’t mail the cucumber!)

Outdoor/Indoor decorations:
Make a sign that says “If old and tired, sit here.” Attach to the sidewalk or a walkway where your guests will see it. Mark the spot with a big red or purple “X”.

Place a small dish or bowl of “store samples” on a table inside your front door. Have toothpicks available next to the dish and a sign that reads “Free Samples”. The samples could be cheese cubes, sausage bites, olives, small pickles, mini quiches cut into quarters, etc. Place the dish on ice if it will be there for more than 15 minutes.

Make four sections of a picket fence using Popsicle sticks. Spray paint the sections white, red or purple. When dry, glue sections together into a box shape. Place a vase of red, purple & pink flowers inside the “picket fence” box. Make a small sign that says “Flowers courtesy of Other People’s Gardens” and attach to a long stick. Place sign in vase among flowers.

Add to the table the following items:
– a small jar with a sign that says “Donations for butter accepted”

– an old fashioned Sales Counter Service Bell

– short sticks scattered around the table so that your guests can practice running their sticks “along the public railings” (your picket fence table decoration).

Purchase red and purple paper placemats from a party store to place under your centerpiece or under each guest’s table setting. You can use them as they are or cut them into the shape of a large hat. If you are really ambitious, you can decorate the “hat” placemats with paper flowers, ribbon, etc…

Any one of the following is sure to bring a laugh!

Purchase a “terrible shirt” for each of your guests from the local thrift store.

Roll up a pair of lace summer gloves and tie with a purple ribbon for each of your guests.

Roll up used pencils and business pens in a paper coaster from a local restaurant and tie with a purple ribbon for each of your guests.

Purchase bookmarks** of the poem “Warning” aka: “When I am an Old Woman…” for each of your guests. These could also be part of your table centerpiece if you place them in a slipper or sandal on the table.

Make a starter jar of “Brandied Fruit” for each of your guests to take home. Be sure to include instructions for “feeding” the jar. (See our recipe for the starter instructions on our recipes blog, teapotsnmore.wordpress.com.)

Menu Ideas:
Many of the following recipes are available on our recipes blog, teapotsnmore.wordpress.com.

Red Hat Tea (available from the Red Hat Society store in two flavors)
Chicken Salad Ribbon Sandwiches
Cucumber Sandwiches
Toad in the Hole
An assortment of small pickles on skewers
Brandied Fruit over Pound Cake Slices
Red Hat Tea Cookies
Mock Clotted Cream
Jam or Fruit Curd

Quick alternatives for Toad in the Hole:
– Cooked sausages rolled in biscuit dough and baked
– Frozen Mini Quiches with cooked sausage added to tops before baking

* Copies available for purchase at http://www.elizabethlucasdesigns.com.

**Bookmarks are available through Elizabeth Lucas, www.elizabethlucasdesigns.com, and the Red Hat Society, www.redhatsociety.com.

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Quilter’s Tea

Quilter’s Tea
Inspired by Quilting Bees where great relationships are made…one stitch at a time!

Invite a group of ladies together. Maybe you have something in common such as a hobby or a volunteer organization. Great relationships require some work, so here’s where they can help you. Ask them to bring some favorite small thing from their home for the centerpiece (hopefully they will bring an interesting knick-knack which they take back home of course) and to complete one of the following phrases: My best childhood memory is…, My most embarrassing moment was…, One of my favorite quotes is…,The subject I loved most in school was…, You’d be surprised to know…, You’d never guess it, but I am really good at… Have them share their phrases around the table along with the good conversation that follows.

Centerpiece Idea:
Cover your table with a quilt. Get a sewing basket and place a flowering potted plant in it (be sure to protect the inside of the basket with plastic or cellophane). Use Spanish moss to hide the plant pot. Trail a measuring tape or two out of the basket and scatter a small assortment of buttons on the table. Place your guests knick-knacks in various positions in this centerpiece, ie: peeking out of the basket or plant, etc. (Or ask your guests to place them as they come in.)

Hostess Gift Ideas:
A collectible thimble, a bag of novelty buttons, a candle, a small potted plant, a homemade treat or something reflecting the interests of the group you have invited.

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Christmas/Winter Tea

Christmas or Winter Tea
Celebrate the season or chase away the Mid-Winter blues!

Christmas and the winter season in general can be a lonely or difficult time for many, maybe even you. So, start a new tradition. Host a Christmas tea or chase away the winter blues in the company of friends, old and new!

Tablecloth Idea:
Cover table with a solid color tablecloth. Arrange paper doilies or handmade snowflakes on it. Cover the snowflakes with store bought net or tulle. This will keep the snowflakes in place. And it’s inexpensive!

Centerpiece Idea:
Place a flat mirror of any shape on table. Arrange pillar candles, sculpted candles or themed candles (like fruit, trees, etc) of different heights in your chosen color scheme on the mirror. Sprinkle table with some iridescent glitter. Or check out our Quick & Easy centerpiece ideas.

Tip: Look in bargain stores for candles.

Hostess Gift Idea:
A new ornament, a handmade Christmas treat, or a bubble bath gift bag made up of a scented votive candle, a packet of bubble bath, a tea bag and a piece of chocolate placed in a decorated paper sack.

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Good Neighbor Tea

A Good Neighbor Tea
How often do we get to know our neighbors? Here’s a great way to meet!

Invite your neighbors to tea and be sure to include anyone who is new. Ask them to bring something to share. Here are some suggestions: a great recipe, a decorating idea, cleaning or gardening tip, a memory to share, something to show from the last place they lived, seeds from their garden, a recommendation for a good hairstylist, orthodontist, etc, or…? You get the idea!

Be sure to start off with introductions and get to the tea pretty quickly. There’s nothing like sharing food to make you feel more comfortable. Share what you’ve brought while you’re around the table. And enjoy each other!

Tip: Don’t go all out to impress. The idea is to make your guests feel comfortable. And they will, if you’re comfortable with yourself.

Centerpiece Idea:
Something simple…A bouquet of flowers in a pretty pitcher, a basket of fruit, a shallow bowl with a low pillar candle in the middle surrounded by potpourri…or use something from our Quick & Easy centerpiece ideas.

Hostess Gift Idea:
A small package of homemade cookies with the recipe, a small potted plant, a tree seedling or a seed packet of flowers/herbs and a card with emergency phone numbers for your city and your phone number attached.

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Family/Friendship Tea

Family or Friendship Tea
“The Ties that Bind”

Invite family or friends (old and new) to tea. Ask them to bring a snapshot or story about themselves or their family to share at the tea. We grow closer together the more we know each other. “The ties that bind” become stronger with understanding, compassion, tears and laughter shared.

Centerpiece Idea:
Get several inexpensive, small frames of varying sizes. Take out any glass and backing. Glue the frames together in a slightly overlapping pattern to form a triangular or square pillar that is hollow in the center and about 2/3 as tall as the pillar candle you will slip into the center of the frames. Spray paint gold, silver or a beautiful color of your choice. Place your pillar candle in the center of the frame pillar. Place extra pillar candles of various heights on table with “framed candle”. The candles could be arranged on a shallow tray, a flat mirror or directly on the table. For fun, scatter gold painted acorns or fruits and nuts as if to say “the acorn (or apple) doesn’t fall far from the tree” or “every family (or group of friends) has its fruits and nuts…maybe it’s me”!

Hostess Gift Idea:
New Name/Address books with everyone present already entered in by you and an invitation to next year’s tea!

Tip: You could make the “frame” centerpiece by cutting out your own frames from cardboard of various sizes and shapes. Glue together and spray paint as above.

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