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Music For A Tranquil Tea

You’re having a tea party! The teas are selected; savories and sweets prepared. Linens pressed, silver polished, tables set and on down the check list. Fresh flowers, guest favors…check, check and double check!

What about the music? Is it really necessary?

While music isn’t the most important ingredient to a lovely tea party, it is key to the atmosphere you create for your guests. Think of it like the makeup on your face. With makeup, the goal is to enhance your natural beauty. You want people to say “you’re eyes are lovely”, not “you’re blue eye shadow is lovely”. Likewise with music, you want to choose pieces that will enhance the experience for your guests, not detract from it.

The logical next question then is which music to choose?

While the options are many, we submit the following observations. Music that contains words or is too loud competes with the conversation in the room. Fast paced or hauntingly slow music is usually less than peaceful. The best music will provide a tranquil backdrop to your gathering.

We’ve concluded that our favorite music for tea parties involves the stringed instruments by classic composers. You will find a short list of our favorites below. Feel free to add to our list. We love to hear your thoughts!

Tea Party Music Suggestions:

Bach Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in E Major, Mvt. I

Bach Double Concerto for Two Violins & Orchestra in D Minor, Mvt. II

Vivaldi Symphony in C Major, No. 44

Vivaldi Symphony in D Major, No. 30

Vivaldi Concerto No. 1 in E major, Op. 8 (Spring)

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