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Tea Bag Folding

Tea Bag Medallion, picture by Paperfacets

For our “crafty” friends, we came across a charming idea using tea bag papers. It’s called Tea Bag Folding: a combination of origami type folds with tea bag papers to create lovely medallions and rosettes. One happy caution: Tea Bag Folding is a whole world unto itself!

We can see many applications for these artistic creations such as decorations for thank you cards, invitations or book marks. How about using tea bag medallions as decorations for your tea table or maybe have a lesson in tea bag folding as an ice breaker for your tea party? You could even create a tea bag folding starter kit as a home made hostess gift!

Bookmark Ideas, picture by Paperfacets

We’ve included a few trusted links to some very well done articles on Tea Bag Folding with lots of examples, history, beginner lessons, patterns, paper purchasing tips and other resources. We hope you enjoy our discovery and will share some of your creations and ideas with us!

Tea Bag Folding and Pattern Instructions

Websites for the Craft of Tea Bag Folding

Tea Bag Folding Butterfly Card

Tea Bag Folding for Children and Beginners

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