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Silver Plate vs. Nickel Plate?

Acorn Demi Spoons

Once or twice a year, I pull out my lovely silver plated demi spoons for a special tea party. I already know how they’re going to look even though I carefully packed them in a silver cloth. Silver tarnishes and that’s just the way it is!

It’s not a terrible thing, but I always say “good thing, I don’t mind the polishing or these babies would be gone!” Polishing the silver is a labor of love and part of the preparation for a special event. However, there are ladies who don’t want the extra fuss. Is there an alternative to silver or silver plate?

There is indeed! Nickel plated tea accessories are showing up in the market place this year. The price is good and the look is so similar to silver plate that you’d have a difficult time telling the difference. So, which is better?

There isn’t really a clear cut upside to either silver or nickel plating. It really comes down to your own preferences.

As previously stated, silver plate and nickel plate have a very similar coloring and brightness. Although, nickel can appear a little brighter. The obvious difference is the tarnishing aspect of silver whereas nickel doesn’t tarnish so no polishing is required. That, in itself, is a big plus for some gals.

Cake & Pastry Tongs

The debate over nickel plate vs. silver plate seems to be most rigorous when discussing musical instruments or jewelry findings. Silver plate is considered more durable for musical instruments such as flutes or horns. In regard to wearing jewelry, one of the more common metal allergies is to nickel. 

In my opinion, the durability and allergy questions aren’t particularly important to our discussion. In the average home, demi spoons are usually only used a few times a year: not enough to worry about durability and not enough skin contact to worry about allergies.

So, let’s sum up! The color of silver and nickel plate is very similar. Durability and allergies don’t really matter in regard to demi spoons, tea service or serving pieces. In the end, it comes down to silver tarnish. If you’re fussy about polishing silver, go with the nickel plate. If you don’t mind cleaning the tarnish, go for the silver. Either way, your table is going to be lovely!

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