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Rediscovering Marty Bell

Three Pots of Daisies

As a child, three small paintings were artistically displayed in our kitchen. They were floral subjects on pieces of distressed wood: three pots of white daisies, a yellow rose tree and a close up of yellow daisies. These art pieces were special to my mom because they had been painted by a friend.

Years later as a new bride, my husband and I came upon an art display at a local mall. Romantic English cottages and victorian ladies were showcased. The flowers in one particular print caught my eye. They reminded me of those kitchen paintings and, feeling nostalgic, we went to find the artist. I was surprised to find she was my mother’s friend, but now more accomplished and growing in popularity. She remembered me, of course, and said she wanted to paint my face. I demured thinking she was just being kind. It was 1982 and this was the day we purchased our first Marty Bell.

The Gamekeepers Cottage

Marty Bell found her love for art early in life, but she found her high school art teachers didn’t offer the support and direction she wanted. In her words, “Our teachers would ask us to draw still lifes, like a broken tricycle or a baseball bat. These have their place, but who would want them on their wall forever? I would work with that for awhile and then I would start playing on my own with the paints. This is where I would get into trouble.”

After marrying and starting a family, she picked up art classes again. Her first teacher really encouraged individual creativity and eventually Marty started her own art school. In 1974, after traveling throughout England, Marty painted a few English scenes which promptly sold. From that point on, her life was not the same. Many paintings were selling even before she could complete them and what began as a hobby, had become a thriving art business. Her creations were sought by collectors, decorators and design firms. She gained international popularity and is considered the premiere painter of the English countryside.

Shefield Roses

With her passion for beauty, color and style, Marty Bell was a prolific and influential artist. Her work has been internationally collected and she enjoyed the respect of both her peers and fine art collectors. In her lifetime, Marty painted more than 3,000 oil paintings ranging from old English cottages and California landscapes to impressionistic pieces and colorful still lifes.

Her artistic vision continues to appeal to fine art collectors evoking a blend of warmth & nostalgia as attractive today as it was 35+ years ago. Those original three small paintings still hang, artistically displayed, in my mother’s kitchen and I still love my own Marty Bell prints.

Now, we invite you to rediscover the art of Marty Bell.

Miss Elizabeth’s Door


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