The Make Ahead Options

Thank you for the great feedback on our two new scone recipes! We’re also very excited about them along with our two kitchen tested Make Ahead Options.

Tip: We’ve discovered that both options work very well with baking powder biscuits.

Since we like to make our scones as close to tea party time as possible, the frozen option is our personal favorite. 

We’ve pretty much run our course, along with trying your patience, on scone postings, so next week join us for some teapot talk!

For those who are wondering about the options, they are listed below for your convenience. They are also inserted in our recipes: Triple Chocolate Scones & World’s Best Scones Made Even Better.

Make Ahead Option #1: After mixing your dry ingredients and add-ins (ie: dried fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, etc) seal this mix in an airtight container such as a plastic bag and store for up to 6 months in a cool, dry place. When ready to use, place mix in a large bowl and add the butter, milk and vanilla according to recipe directions. You’ll have tea & scones within a 1/2 hour if you multi-task on the tea. And this is also a great, inexpensive gift idea!

Tip: Exclude moist add-ins such as fresh fruit or lemon zest until you are ready to make your scones. At that time, add them between cutting in the butter and adding the milk & vanilla.

Make Ahead Option #2: After cutting your scones into desired shapes, place them on a cookie sheet and freeze. When completely frozen, wrap scones well in plastic wrap and foil or freezer bags. Well wrapped scones will keep at least one month. When ready to use, place frozen scones on a lightly greased cookie sheet and bake according to recipe. Do not thaw first or add additional baking time for small scones, however, large scones may require a few extra minutes. You’ll have scones in approximately 20 minutes!

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