Tea Party Check List

A Hostess Check List

If you don’t have it all, use the best you have. Your guests will feel honored no matter what you do because of the spirit in which you offer your hospitality.

Tablecloth, Napkins, Napkin Rings
Tea cups and Saucers
Teapot (2 if small)
Tea strainer if using loose tea
Serving Plates or tiered plates
Dish for lemon
Lemon fork
Sugar bowl or Honey pot
Sugar spoon or tongs
Cream pitcher
Dessert plates
Tea spoons
Small dish for jam or lemon curd
Small spoon for jam dish
Small dish for clotted cream
Small knive or spoon for clotted cream dish
Small hostess gifts (if desired)
Sugar or honey, sliced lemon, milk or cream
Tea and tasty food, of course

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