Other Useful Tea Party Tips

Other Useful Tea Tips:

– Sweeten your tea party with one of the following alternatives to honey or sugar:
candied violets, molded sugars, raw sugar, hardened frosting flowers, or rock candy crystals.

– Consider using miss matched plates and saucers for a charming effect.

– Try adding a pinch of cloves to black tea before you brew it.

– Use hot apple or cranberry juice in place of water to brew tea.

– Co-hostess your tea with someone else and pool you’re resources and creativity.

– Be prepared to spend the gift of your time. You don’t want to hurry your guests.

– Look in magazines and catalogs for table decoration ideas such as doilies, placecards, a fancy chocolate or mint, etc.

– If your guests don’t know each other well, consider ahead of time how you might want to introduce them to each other, and think about warm topics of conversation you can bring to the table or ice breakers for the beginning of your tea party.

– Wreaths, ribbons, flowers and ivy can be used as a base for a variety of items, such as candles, nativity sets, vases, small trees, topiaries, fresh flowers, potted plants, baskets, sea shells, etc.

– Small battery-operated sets of clear Christmas lights can add a gentle glow when incorporated in your centerpiece.

– Simple, affordable ideas are usually the most successful ones.

– Make a small centerpiece look bigger by using a round, flat mirror under it.

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2 responses to “Other Useful Tea Party Tips

  1. Thanks for the tips! I’m throwing a Mother’s Day tea party and I definitely needed ideas <3.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    We always appreciate a compliment! We hope you and your Mom are thoroughly delighted with your special day.

    Michelle for Teapots ‘n More

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